CityServices [QB]

20.00 USD


City Services is something we decided to create as we collectively saw a lack of script's in the community providing a base structure for servers to handle job selection, licensing, player-owned businesses and even some integration for our future criminal scripts. Thus came the idea for city services a script that will bring server owners a one-stop-shop for Job Selection, Licensing, and Purchasing System for Player Owned Businesses and will lay a base platform to work with our future scripts!


Job Selection -

Players can still select basic starting jobs as before with qb-cityhall but now we've refined it and brought it all to a central location along with more info on jobs description pay etc.

Licensing -

Players can also access all their licensing needs right at city hall anything from lawyer licenses to id's and driver licenses.

Pickup Counter -

Players can collect their requested licenses from the pickup counter

POB Purchasing -

Players can now purchase player-owned businesses server owners set up right from city hall even adding a feature to make business license required before being able to purchase. Also once a business is purchased players will have to communicate with the business owner to be hired!

Preconfigured -

compatibility for ShmannWorks DOJ

Preconfigured -

compatibility for Gabz TownHall

  • qb-core¬†
  • qb-menu
  • qb-input
  • qb-target (github)