Buyers [ESX]

15.00 USD


This Resource allows your server to have a Ped wander or placed on the map in whatever areas you chose and allow your citizens to sell any goods you set the buyer to purchase! The script is highly customizable and is fully editable and unencrypted!


  • Supports Multiple Shops and Peds
  • Set Any Location
  • Set Any Items the Buyer Accepts
  • Set Open & Closing Time
  • Static Or Wandering NPC
  • Set Limited Or Unlimited Sales
  • Set Random Buyer Select With Amount
  • Single Or Random Coords Selection
  • Target Ready
  • Ped can be armed with weapon
  • Voice Clips for interaction
  • Blip Support
  • Link to Job Support
  • Peds are Server Side Synced




  • ESX (OneSync Legacy Or Infinity Required)
  • nh-context v1 or v2 (github)
  • nh-keyboard v1 or v2 (github)
  • swt_notifications (github)
  • qtarget or bt-target